Laser cut acrylic & plastics.

Wellingtons premier laser cutting service since 2001. Offering the best quality laser cutting / engraving and at the best price. Utilising four unique machines in house, your job is complete fast and delivered NZ wide.
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Router cut any material.

The large CNC router machine is able to cut almost anything - plastics, wood, mdf, aluminium and more. Sheet material sizes up to 3 meters long. This machine is capable of pocketing, and slotting at various depths, as well as 3D cutting and terrain modelling.
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Laser Engraving / Marking.

Our large format laser engraving machines have bed sizes up to 1200mm square. We specialise in unique - one off awards and trophies, as well as engraving multiple small items in one go. We can engrave almost anything including fine details in stainless steel. Click for more info on engraving.

Signage - NZ wide service.

Fabricate your sign from 3D shaped plastics, wood, aluminium or steel. Be bold - and stand out from your competition! Our machines can cut any complex profile - large or small, from over size outdoor building signage, to small detailed reception, window or shop signs.

3D Rapid Prototyping.

Manufacturing three dimensional products and parts has led us to incorporate the ability to 3D print, or rapid prototype almost any small shape you can design. Enquire for more information.

Design Services.

We have all the necessary cad software to draft your ideas and sketches, ready for laser engraving or cnc milling, and can provide pre-approval images and drawings for you to check before we begin creating your project. This can easily be accomplished fully by email, but you are welcome to call in and discuss as well.

Contact Information

Unit 3 - 68 Gracefield Road,
Seaview, Lower Hutt,
Wellington, New Zealand.
Phone: +64 (4) 586 8828
E-mail: routercut at
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General info..

The workshop opening hours are 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and weekends by special appointment. See our Contact page for more information, and directions.

Unit 3 - 68 Gracefield Road

Feel free to call first, and visit our workshop

Phone wellington - (04) 586 8828

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