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The original Ardunome.

Lasercut coloured buttons, the backing grid panels and the case that holds everthing together in this cutting edge musical instrument. Before finding us, our customer had tried other online and local laser cutting services and they all failed to have the accuracy and cosmetic finish required to make this design pop.

Hyperspin Arcade Cabinets.

Custom designed these flatpack arcade cabinets for our customers Hyperspin Experiment Project. These are hi-end, no expense spared bartop arcade cabinets, and boast to have every arcade game EVER made. Google Hyperspin  - It's pretty amazing!

AeroViper - FPV racing quads.

This is our in house, custom designed 250 class FPV racing quad. It is full carbon fiber - including the props, fully aerodynamic, and all under 500 grams - including the 2200mah lipo battery! We get 14 minutes flight time. 

NZ relief terrain map in full 3D.

Here is a picture of our old router cutting a 3D relief map of New Zealand. It is 1.5 meters long, and the terrain (Mt Cook) is about 20mm tall. You can just see the South Island in the foreground.

A CNC makes another CNC.

Our 3 axis standard cnc router machine cuts all the 10mm and 12mm plate aluminium parts for our new 5 axis cnc machine. Our 5 axis machine will be capable of full 3D machining. This is a picture of the Z axis when first mounted on the Y axis gantry. The X axis below is a moving table.

Custom hot wire foam cutter.

This simple custom built machine for a customer requiring an adjustable hot wire and a rotary table. It can be setup to cut any angle, and with rigid curved hot wire, it can cut curves as well. This is a big machine, the polystyrene block you see here is over a meter in diameter, and the machine could cut 2 meters diameter rings.

From a drawing to reality.

This is a custom clamp, and you can see here the concept was quickly sketched on paper. It was then designed in CAD, and lasercut parts were created to test the simple mechanism before a final is cut and assembled from aluminium. 

Concept round cnc robot.

Created by students at VUW - The Wellington School of Design, this is a prototype cnc machine we laser cut for them from clear acrylic. It actually functions and shows the working principles. A final heavy duty machine was cut from steel.

Diamond engraving stone.

We use our water bath and diamond cutters for engraving stone, the water flowing over the cutter keeps the dust down, keeps the cutter clear, and cools the cutting surfaces. Each tile in jig is 400mm square.

Mana Island, Wellington.

After a lot of CAD design based from actual trigonometry and elevation data maps, we CNC cut multiple profiles. Material usage and weight is minimised by making each profile an outer border only. It is actually fairly hollow inside!

Mana Island, Wellington.

There are internal support profiles which also "key" everything accurately together using dowel rods. Each layer is 5mm thick, so you can do some math to find its actual height.. It is close to 3 meters long!

Mana Island, Wellington.

Completed and painted - sitting on a sea of backlit blue acrylic, and on display at Porirua Museum.

Large Terrain Model - NZ.

3D CNC milled from actual terrain data. This large model is a meter square, and was professionally painted with actual aerial terrain imagery.
We have all of NZ terrain data available, up to a certain scale and detail as can be seen on most of our examples. Finer details are available on request.

Smaller Terrain Model.

This is a small terrain model cut from HD hard PVC material, and painted.

Terrain Model PVC detail.

Another larger model showing some expected detail using HD hard PVC material. It has a slightly rough texture when finished, and is ideal for terrain models, as it adds a matt earth texture to the surface once painted.

Fringe F by SIGNSMITH.

Giant Fringe cubic F covered in small laserut acrylic shapes, all painstakingly painted by SignSmith. 

Fringe F detail.

A closer picture of the lasercut 3d parts detail.

Custom designed awards.

We designed this unique award based on this companys logo, and product. Mixed media, natural wooden base, engraved with fine details, rimu "roof" support frame, and lasercut and engraved acrylic mirror. 

Deep V model speed boat.

We laser cut marine ply, and supply all the parts required to make these 1200mm long Deep V (Woody) model speedboats. Laser cutting is perfect for RC models as it cuts your parts perfect every time.

Buick badge in brass.

A 2mm thick custom brass badge we easily cnc cut on our router table. This now sits proudly on the radiator of a restored old classic. 

McLaughlin badge in brass.

We are able to create and allow you to restore your missing brass badges to match the originals as close as possible.

Powder delivery machine.

Picture of the custom machine we designed and built. The conveyer is about a meter long. The hopper and drive gear sits on a digital scale, which sends data to PC software, monitoring the flow of the material leaving the hopper.

Powder delivery machine.

Picture of the back end showing the drive motor on an adjustable tensioner. The complete motor drive assembly pivots about the rear conveyer belt wheel to provide correct belt tension.

Powder delivery machine.

Picture of the front end showing the small servo driven vertical sliding door. This allows a varying amount of powder to flow from the hopper, in conjuntion with the conveyer motor speed. The assembly weight, motor speed and servo position all being controlled by software.

Prototype disc clamp.

Picture of initial drawings and concept sketches. This widget needs to hold a delicate platinum tray mould in a rotary lathe for surface polishing. (platinum trays are used for making sample ingots for spectroscopic analysis).
It had to be used in an existing lathe, and the delicate platinum trays easily fitted and removed.

Prototype disc clamp.

I was recently working on another circular based widget called a "harmonic drive", and also, had previously designed a rotating optical iris assembly. This gave me the idea to use a planetry gear type system to rotate a group of offset polyethylene clamps to hold the delicate (and expensive) platinum tray securely in place while its being polished.

Prototype disc clamp.

The two parts getting coloured after anodising in our in house anodiser system. Anodising creates a protective hard surface, also aids smoothness and reduces wear on sliding surfaces.

Prototype disc clamp.

Assembling the parts together. Not seen here is the two thin slippery white polypropylene discs which sit on each side around the cam and disc assembly, also the internal spring and base plate are not in place..

Prototype disc clamp.

View of the rear of the prototype unit. The hub holds a spring, which presses on a plate which gives some pressure onto the rear of the tray to be polished. The platinum tray, when loaded, sits behind the cams when they are closed.

Prototype disc clamp.

The outer pink ring spins a few degrees to open and close the black polyethylene cams. The center only teeth of each black pinion are slightly longer, so it "clicks" open and closed. You can see the white polypropylene discs, and spring plate in this final assembly.

Large hexacopter drone.

This hexacopter is designed to be lightweight, and strong, it is made from aluminium, and magnesium. It is powerful enough to lift heavy video and camera gear.

Hydro Model Speedboats

We recently helped a customer design and build a few of these Hydroplane (aka Tunnel Hull) speedboats using our cad drafting apps and lasercutter to make sure all the parts were symmetrical. These are not small toys, they measure over a meter long!

Lasercut acrylic mirrors.

Each mirror is a hexagon shape, lasercut from acrylic mirror, and contoured to fit in a 1.5 meter wide parabolic dish. The dish tracks the sun throughout the day, and this area collects a kilowat of heating power from the sun.

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