Four precision lasers now available - including two large Italian machines, with the ability to fine engrave almost anything, including marking stainless steel items with fine black graphics and writing.

Engraving round, or curved objects is just as easy ! 

With the closing of Trophy House in Alicetown - Kingi, from Innovative Laser Technologies (Cactus Plastics) has joined our team, and helped create Atomic Design !
Kingi has brought with him awesome design skills, and many years hands on experience working with precision lasers. We look forward to working together, and with the added abilities of new laser technologies and cnc wood carving machines, we can now make almost any dream a reality.

If you have an idea for a trophy, award, memorial plaque, medallion, security marking and permanent ID tags,  we have thousands of detailed graphics and fonts to choose from and incorprate into your design. Simply email, or call us with your idea, and we can turn it into an image visual to check, and be ready to make your unique item in a matter of days. (* weather permitting).
Visit  www.facebook/atomiklaser  for updates, and more examples of current projects, and customer posts sharing their ideas and creations too.

Examples, and pictures below for some ideas, and inspiration for what is possible using laser cutting, engraving, and carving.


Combination of cnc cut plywood and lasercut acrylic.

Folding and engraving.

We canlaser then fold acrylic, and add engraving for you as well.

Laser cut + engraved MDF.

Combining engraving and 3D cut letters.. 

Interlocking boxes.

Cutout wooden box snaps together, can be cut, or engraved.

Lasercut pictures.

These can have engraveds words, or quotes as well.

Marketing gifts.

Natural wooden cases can be engraved with your personal, or business logo or quote..

Extra large engravings.

Our large laser engraver is 1200mm square, so we can engrave large flat panels.


Engraved into natural wood.


To custom label and ID items. 

Steel bracelets.

Unique engraving almost any picture or name / quote.

Stainless steel signage.

We can permanently laser mark into the surface. 

Permanent black laser marking.

Will not scratch off, as the laser etches black into the surface.

Round steel cups.

Customised cups, or anything round, steel or wood, or glass, or plastic.

Or the bottom of...

A treasured item or gift

Appliance ID plates.

Ideal for appliances, or machinery ID plates..

Logos or graphics.

Marking fine graphics into steel is also possible. 

Another cup.

Down one side, or all the way around.

Dark engrave on ss. 

Unique tags, we also have faux brass, and many colours available you can laser engrave. 

Engraved and lasercut.

We can mount laser engraved shapes onto custom wooden block stands.


Completely clear acrylic. 

Unique trophies.

Laminated layers of multimedia to create an industrial look..

Laser engravable faux marble.

We can laser engrave this faux marble so the white shows through as an engraving. There are many finishes, and colours available.

Images onto wood.

With the right contrast picture, we can engrave it  into wood, and add a unique quote, name, or graphic.

Engraved photo frame.

Or pick a flat sided photo frame, and include your special message and images.

Custom awards.

Each layer can be laser engraved for a 3D effect.

Faux brass or real brass.

We can laser engrave real brass, or faux (plastic) brass which is hard to tell from real brass.

Acrylic engraved trophies.

Two layers create a stunning effect in the light.

Engraved or cutout.

We have similar tree shapes on file, ready for engraving, or completely cut out and free standing.

Frosted coloured acrylics.

Acrylic is available in a few subtle shades as well..

Clear acrylic assembled.

An example of how clear acrylic can have tabs to help hold, and guide assembly.

Yes, we can..

Even engrave stones, granite, and bricks !

Another example of clear.

Clear laser engraving shows up well under the light.

Multiple logos into wood.

Engraving business logos, and contact info into parts of products, in this case - handles.

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